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Steve Moore, B.A., J.D. Author Steve has been in the music business for over 30 years! He's worked as a professional musician, producer, and has been involved in almost every aspect of the music business. He's also the author of "The Truth about the Music Business"

Bob Welch (Singer – Songwriter) by Steve Moore

Bob Welch

By: Music Square One & Steve Moore

I first met Bob via Mike Lawson – who was my partner in many endeavors – Bob made the move to Nashville in the 90’s and he bought a place not to far from my home/studio.   Bob and Wendy spent a lot of time hanging out over at the house and jamming and we often went out as “couples’ to have dinner – etc.

Wendy & Bob  also had me do a lot of work with them on their Royalties with Fleetwood Mac  – but kind of behind the scenes as it were.  And all of that worked out well.

It’s amazing how small this music of business is – as I’ve worked or known so many members of Fleetwood Mac – including Billy Burnette – another great musician and friend – but Bob also did a tour in 2008 – and who backed him up?  None other than Atlanta Rhythm Section whom I was very close with, especially Robert Nix – now that’s just too cool!  And it truly is a small world!

But what I really miss about Bob was that he was such a super nice guy – not an ounce or pretension in him despite being a “ROCK STAR” – he was just as humble as could be and an incredible guy – not to mention that he was an amazing musician and incredible songwriter.   He loved coming to my studio as it was set up for both recording and for playing live – with all the accoutrements like a light show, all kinds of instruments (drums, guitars, keyboards, basses, pretty much anything you needed to JAM!)  and I’ll never forget the first night he came over – and he picked up my Les Paul – (that I had gotten via Mike Lawson when he was in California) and he started in on Ebony Eyes and I played drums – too cool!  I was in heaven! Having know the man’s songs and music my whole life – and now I’m playing music with him? But that’s how cool Bob was – he said he felt like he was playing an arena as I turned only the lights, smoke machines, and we just JAMMED! That’s when Bob and I really hit it off – yet another one of my clients that was amazed that the guy in the suit could actually play and had the same passion for music that he and others had! 

So many great memories – and I’ll miss him so much – as Bob and Wendy are just super special people!  And losing Bob – well – under the circumstances, I know exactly how it all went down from Mike as they were super close.  Mike called me when I was on my way to New Orleans – and that was June 9th – which was Wendy’s birthday – I literally have to pull over – and could not drive  for a time – I was sick – really sick to hear the whole story as I loved Bob and I hated that he had gotten to a place where he could not even work due to the pain.  So I just know that he too is in some great band – still rocking with all of my other dear friends and great musicians that I’ve lost recently.  I was blessed just to have known him but even more blessed to call him “FRIEND!”

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May you rest in peace my friend and you will always be remembered – your music will last forever – but the memory of who you were to me and so many others is just that much more special! 


You will not be forgotten!

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