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Steve Moore, B.A., J.D. Author Steve has been in the music business for over 30 years! He's worked as a professional musician, producer, and has been involved in almost every aspect of the music business. He's also the author of "The Truth about the Music Business"

Catching up…

Music Square One’s site is continually growing.  We’ll be posting many of our older “Published Articles” in our Blog Post and possibly creating a new category for “published works” or just referring to our new site that’s yet to come for —

“The Truth about the Music Business” (New Site Link will be published soon)

We’re adding more testimonials gathered from Linked In – and elsewhere – in due course – and we’ll also be linking many of our videos as we redo each one to allow for more images and video, etc.

We’ll also be adding all of Steve Moore’s music as well as High Cotton Records music to iTunes and pretty much any digital store you may wish to buy including Amazon for CD’s, merchandise, etc…

Lastly, we’re entertaining offers Steve Moore’s Second Edition and firming up E-book Publishing and our Amazon Deal for Printed copies of the first Edition.

Lot’s of work to get done – so please bear with us – as Steve has MANY projects on the table and moving toward the future via New South Development!

Steve Moore, B.A. J.D. Author of “The Truth About the Music Business”

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