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High Cotton Records to Help OUT Tom Rovinksy

Please everyone help! TOM ROVINSNKY     With the Legendary Chris Ethridge  TOM is a GREAT MAN and Vietnam War Veteran and is in DIRE STRAIGHTS!     WE must pull together to HELP!! Tom has played the legendary “BLUES VENUE with the House Rockers in Jackson, MS for so many years I can’t even […]

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“MOORE” Content on the way!

That’s right Moo! We ARE MOO-VING forward! Music Square One is proud to announce that we have completed a “few strategic partnership deals”!   We are NOW in a position to offer “web design services” and so much MOORE!  We are also working with our “Joint Venture Partner” – ButterMilk Media on a host of new […]

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“Friends You Never Knew” – Gary R. Allen

“Friends you Never Knew” Gary Allen/Craig Mednikov This song “Friends You Never Knew” was written when Gary lived in Nashville in 2005. The title came from a great friend of his, Craig Mednikow. When Gary wrote the song he wanted to make it about any famous/great person. He didn’t have a particular person in mind. […]

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Where has the MONEY GONE?

 Music Square One This is NOT written by US! Just found this article to be VERY INTERESTING!  And in fact, Quite good! Who Killed the Music Industry (Pandodaily) Great job everyone! Steve Moore, BA, JD, Author  

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Table of Contents

The Truth about the Music Business  TABLE OF CONTENTS Forward Preface   Contents     Chapter One—Entertainment Attorneys 39 “The Pocket Guide to Entertainment Attorneys” Intro What is an entertainment lawyer? What does an entertainment Lawyer do? What can an entertainment lawyer do for me? What does a lawyer charge? Retainers Hourly Rates Flat Fees Value […]

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Pistol v.2 – Steve Moore High Cotton Recording Artist

Music Square One High Cotton Recording Artist Steve Moore Just a Quick Remix and Remastered Version of “PISTOL V.2” Was pretty late at night when I got around to working on this – but that’s just how it is!   Steve Moore, B.A., J.D., Author The Truth about the Music Business High Cotton Records Steve […]

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For my Dad – William Ray Moore, JR. M.D.

Steve Moore for My Dad! I’ve tried – but only Bob Dylan could put it in to words… When the rain is blowin’ in your face And the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love. When the evening shadows and the stars appear […]

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Caleb Martin doing his song “OH…BTW”

Music Square One High Cotton Records Here’s just a really quick video – that we pretty much created in about 2 minutes!   The audio was done with a simple condenser. “Oh…BTW” by Caleb Martin        (C) 2012 Trouble viewing Click here: Caleb came by the studio and since I didn’t feel like doing the whole […]

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Reverb Nation just gets worse!

Music Square One Giving you the Truth about the Music Business If you think that Reverb Nation is doing you any good – think again! I have been using Reverb Nation for many years now and used to think  that it was good deal but not anymore!  That’s not to say that they don’t have […]

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Shipping Music Gear Via UPS

UPS is set up so that YOU LOSE! Be careful of what you ship! UPS – I have another name for the ACRONYM for them… And will let you use your imagination! So let me tell you an anecdote of the type of customer service you can expect! I had to Speak at the First […]

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