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Senator Vest (1869) Tribute to Jake & Billy

Senator Vest’s “Tribute to the Dog” It is strange how tenaciously popular memory clings to the bits of eloquence men have uttered, long after their deeds and most of their recorded thoughts are forgotten, or but indifferently remembered. However, whenever and as long as the name of the late Senator George Graham Vest of Missouri […]

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Music Square One The Value of Getting a Degree for the Music Business (No matter what aspect) Everyone – or seemingly almost everyone wants to be in the MUSIC BUSINESS – and I can understand that – as who doesn’t like music?  But the MUSIC BUSINESS is not for the faint of heart – “The […]

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I’m getting a LOT of issues with my FB personal and more specifically ALL of my ADMINS for Fan Pages on Facebook which there’s over 15 or more of them – I guess some companies don’t take too kindly to my posts…but I only speak the TRUTH! It seems that I will go from ONE […]

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Recording Live – If I was in a band…

I’m sure there are 100’s of different ways of doing this – and EVERYBODY”S opinion on the BEST way to do this is completely different – but if you want an INEXPENSIVE way to CREATE a LOT of CD’s for Sale, for download, or for whatever reason – they this blog may be of interest […]

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Mac’s get ATTACKED!

There’s always been a battle between PC and Mac’s – I don’t even need to go into Linux as unless you’re a pretty hard core computer enthusiast you probably don’t see much Linux – although your website could be hosted on a Linux Server – if it’s not then you’re probably using an antiquated way […]

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Making it in the Music Business

A Former Blog from Blogspot/Blogger – as I’m cleaning up or cleaning OUT my Blogger account – even though I’ve had over 5000 views in less than a year – I’m slowly merging all of the most important blogs to this new SITE! Who wouldn’t want to make it in the music business? If you […]

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Spam Comments

No matter what you do you’re going to get spammed…it’s just a fact of life… But instead of getting upset about it, I just delete it all in bulk – but sometimes I actually read some of it as I find quite a bit of it somewhat FUNNY!  I don’t get much spam on most […]

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High Cotton to Release Catalog on Band Camp

Yes, we’re working to get the Meridian Compilation CD by High Cotton Records up on Band Camp – right now this is one the BEST MUSIC SERVICES – sign up for FREE – add your albums, singles, etc for FREE – so you basically can put up whatever you want (as long as it’s ORIGINAL […]

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  Yep, that’s right – we’ve released Steve Moore & the New South’s CD – “True Meridian” on Band Camp – you can click on the Band Camp link on any of our main pages or visit our BAND CAMP SITE DIRECTLY via this LINK! Steve Moore on BAND CAMP Steve Moore & the New […]

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Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting!

I haven’t picked up a copy yet, but I can’t wait to get one!  I’m sure that this book will be an amazing READ! Murphy’s Law On Songwriting is released! Click on link for More information and BUY THIS BOOK! Ralph Murphy and I met through Keith Sykes back in the early 90’s and […]

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