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“Cowboy Jack” Clement’s Studio Burns

Cowboy Jack Clement’s Recording Arms and Spa Burns…

A good friend of mine that used to work with Jack sent me this yesterday morning…and I’m just getting around to be able to POST about it – but it’s SAD!

I met “Cowboy Jack” when I first moved to Nashville and consider myself lucky to have met and gotten to know this LEGEND of Country Music!

Jack was the producer at Sun Records – just after Elvis left and so he produced a TON of hits with Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and more!  Jack also had 21 gold records for producing Charlie Pride which bridged the Gap in the south by producing a “Black Country Artist” AND making him a HUGE STAR!  Jack also produced a couple of songs with U2 from the “JOSHUA TREE” as well as having written several hits songs himself!

Jack was always kind to me and I was grateful that he let me record some songs at his legendary Studio (I even have a couple of them posted on my YouTube Channel) – and I know that he’s glad to have gotten out alive along with his “BABY” his guitar that Elvis’s Belt Buckle had scratched, but in this fire – Jack lost a priceless collection of MASTERS that ranged from Patsy Cline, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash and countless others – that a huge piece of music history that’s now GONE!  And my heart goes out to Jack!

I hope that he can rebuild from the ashes like a “phoenix” and get his place fixed back up so it can again a breeding ground for artists to learn and grow!

Here’s the Articles that were sent to my by my friend...




It really pains me to have to write this POST – but I also felt that i needed to express my heartfelt sympathy to Jack and his family – as this is just DEVASTATING NEWS!

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