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Foreign Radio and Streaming Royalties?

Amounts paid for Streaming vary GREATLY!

I’ve always been truly amazed at the amount of American Musicians that just do NOT get the international markets!

Making Money in the Music Industry is not so EASY!  And if you are limiting your efforts to just the US or just in your Area even if that is the EEC, Russia, etc you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity.  There are more Unsigned Artists on the planet than signed. There are more Facebook accounts of  Unsigned Artists, not to mention MySpace, Reverb Nation, Top Spin, Band Camp and a 100 others that such Artists go & register in the ‘hopes that…’they will make more money.  But if you think “GLOBALLY” all of the sudden you’re no long trying to compete with everyone in just your area or country. And if you pay attention to GLOBAL ROYALTIES and not just accept your international royalty checks as just a bonus – as IF you are not paying attention to what’s happening GLOBALLY – then you’re truly missing out on a VAST OPPORTUNITY.  And you just need to mind the STORE so that you can turn your royalties into an ever increasing amount per quarter.

And any extra money – is always a good thing!  Further you’d be surprised at how open the international markets are to something different and new – especially if you’re from the South – where let’s face it – ALL modern forms of music were started there.  Jazz in New Orleans, Blues in MS, Country in Meridian, MS (Jimmie Rogers) and then on to Nashville, Rock’n’Roll – was all formed from the Blues and come out of  the south (at least in the beginning out of the South) and mainly Memphis – But the KING – ELVIS was from Mississippi too!   Even R&B started in the south and headed north during the sad times of segregation.

So why aren’t YOU focusing on the international markets – after all the internet is global why shouldn’t you think that way as well?

Here’s some interesting stats about Royalties from overseas!

The UK performing and mechanical rights society (PRS for Music) has an on-demand streaming rate of £0.00085 per track – meaning that a track played a million times in the UK earns £850 in royalty payments. Whereas GEMA (the German performing rights  society) have a standard royalty rate of €0.1278 (£0.11) – so, the same track streamed a million times in Germany brings in £110,000 in royalty payments – or, straight to the point, about 130 times more than in the UK.   And you’d be surprised what other country’s will pay and further – you’re not stuck with a standard Sync Royalty right – in the EEC you get a piece of the action from EVERY ticket sold to a movie theater where your music is played in a film, etc.  And keep in mind to that SOUND EXCHANGE is going to collect your STREAMING MONEY – so stay on top of that too!

You just have to make sure that you TRACK your money – and make double sure that a GEMA affiliated publisher is not sending your royalty checks for Radio Plays to a sub-division of their company that’s out of let’s say Switzerland (SUISSA) and taking 25% for foreign sub-pub costs.  Make sure the money goes straight to ASCAP, BMI or SESAC and you’d be surprised how those International Dollar will add up.

And if you can make it over to the EEC – UK, Ireland and the Continent to tour, you’d be amazed at how much easier it is to get Real Radio Plays!  Which can help start builing your following – and can then fill up venues – and from there word of mouth can take over – and you just keep at it and going back until you really start to have a lot of fun playing music, see the world and actually making money doing it!

Anyone wish to WEIGH IN on this – have any comments?  I’m wide open!

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