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Steve Moore, B.A., J.D. Author Steve has been in the music business for over 30 years! He's worked as a professional musician, producer, and has been involved in almost every aspect of the music business. He's also the author of "The Truth about the Music Business"


WE are sorting out how we want to offer OUR FORUM as on our OLD SITE we had many ways of connecting with us – and we shared a lot of information from Reverb Nation, CD BABY, Band Camp and others – but for now – we’re thinking this process through and decide if we’re going to KEEP our FORUM or not.

With the past website, we got a LOT of people asking questions instead of posting comments, and we’re not in the business of giving out advice for free – but we try to help people out as much as possible…when we can – espeically if it’s a simple question – but if you really need to know a LOT more about the Music Business – you should read Mr. Moore’s Book:

“The Truth about the Music Business”

The original version shall soon be available via E-books and also in printed form with a second edition to come soon enough as with all the NEW changes in digital media Steve will have to re-write a few chapters to reflect all of the new changes in the industry!



Steve Moore, B.A., J.D., Author

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