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Steve Moore, B.A., J.D. Author Steve has been in the music business for over 30 years! He's worked as a professional musician, producer, and has been involved in almost every aspect of the music business. He's also the author of "The Truth about the Music Business"

Jerry Whitehead and Steve Moore in Jackson, MS

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Time flies – and we’ve just been so busy that it’s been hard to keep up!  We just launched this new venture in mid-June of this year.  But Jerry and I are about to start really promoting and marketing ButterMilk Media and Pawnshop Consulting Group Inc’s Joint Venture!  Luckily we had about almost 3 months where we were just buried with the International Pawn Symposium in Naples FL which was a HUGE success!  But that sort of put us behind on a lot of the news about what we’ve been up to since we first started! 

Jerry was asked to speak at the Mississippi (MS) Pawn Brokers Association for the Continuing Education in mid-summer that is now required for all pawn shops in MS. 

Jerry was kind enough to ask me to come over and record the video and audio and I took some photos as well – there are several Photos of Jerry that I’ll be posting in the days to come – and of course, a lot of photos of the pawnshop owners or workers in the pawn shops that were required to attend in Jackson, MS.   We had people from all around that area: Jackson, Pearl, Vicksburg, Greenville, and many more! 

Since ButterMilk Media is an affiliate company of Music Square One, I figured I’d add this post to MSO’s site! 

We also were doing some experimentation with Different Cameras – In Jackson we used a JVC Medium Quality HD Recorder which was a pretty nice little camera for the size and convenience of using it.  I also brought along my Sony Super Hi-8 just see what kind of “different” types of formats, as well as being able to do cuts, and many angles.   And or course with the SONY SUPER HIGH 8 – one can do some pretty creative stuff since this is an older format but a good one – Lastly we used my Zoom Q3 for just the Audio portion that was mounted on the Podium – so that’s going to give me a lot of choices when it comes time to post editing the video that time permitting I’d like to get this done –

Kevin MacDonald, the then President of the MS Pawnbrokers Association was kind enough to invite us!  So we’re going to make sure to return the favor and help promote the MS Pawn Shops CE.  Kevin owns several pawnshops in the Jackson, MS and surrounding areas!  Visit his Linked In Profile (JUST CLICK HERE)

Our plan is to post numerous photos, several snippets of the Presentation so that you can get an idea about what Jerry Talks about when he’s addressing these pawn shops or pawn brokers.  As these CE sessions are a lot different from his other speaking engagements!   MORE TO COME – so STAY TUNED!

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