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Mac’s get ATTACKED!


There’s always been a battle between PC and Mac’s – I don’t even need to go into Linux as unless you’re a pretty hard core computer enthusiast you probably don’t see much Linux – although your website could be hosted on a Linux Server – if it’s not then you’re probably using an antiquated way of building websites.

Be that as it may – a massive attack was launched by three separate hackers just to PROVE that MACS are now a HUGE TARGET – and I predicted this quite some time ago – I’d have to go back and find that post – but suffice it to say – it was getting more prevalent and I was getting more and more calls to fix MACS.

Now don’t get my wrong – I’m a fan of MACS especially since you can skip the .dll files and use ALL of your processing speed and RAM for the task at hand – which is a major flaw with Windows – however, if you’re running a MAC and are NOT running Virtual PC – then you’re really not running a TRUE business – as the business WORLD is ALL PC – and I’m not THRILLED about that statement – but it’s a FACT – Mac still has a VERY SMALL part of the market share.   But I get tired of people saying that a MAC is the end all to be all – as they are NOT – and they have their own issues as does any technology as technology changes all the time at ever increasing speed!

And I do “get it” that a MAC is more for the “Creative Types” – but then again, I’d say 70% of what I do is “CREATIVE in NATURE” – it just ends up in the business world and so I use Linux, MAC and PC.   I also prefer the COSTS of LINUX – FREE and my ability to build a “tricked out PC” with MORE RAM and screaming fast processing for one fifth the price as an OUT OF THE BOX MAC!
I also do NOT like the FACT that you really can’t build a MAC from spare parts…as I like to build servers – (especially LOVE my LINUX SERVER which has not even needed anything but a good cleaning – dust removal and a defrag and that’s about it – it’s RED HAT 2 or something really OLD but it works like a charm!

With that said, here’s my analogy for the difference between the Linux, PC and MAC user when it comes to “maintenance”, keeping in mind that this is outside of your NAT (router) or your HW FIREWALL – which if you don’t have – get ONE!

If you’re a LINUX user – you’re working out or your basement – you can write code – and you LIVE and BREATHE technology – nobody needs to tell you “how to maintain your network of servers or your main machine – as you just KNOW that it must be done…and LINUX as less likely to be Hacked as nobody really wants to read a bunch of code.

If you run PC and Windows –  it’s like you own your own house – you can add on to your Network easily – and you can work in the business world – BUT you are required to know the BASICS of computer maintenance – but there are countless FREE APPS that allow you to set up a SW FIREWALL – (HIGHLY RECOMMENCED), scheduled updates, clean your CACHE, Registry Files,  run AV (which Viruses are only 4% of the problems out there today), run Anti-Malware, Anti-SPYWARE, and a few other steps that keep your PC running in PERFECT SHAPE!  Completely Clean and working as it should!

MAC’s on the other hand are for people who want to live in a CONDO and do not want to do any “maintenance work” whatsoever, – well for those of you that don’t start to learn and understand that MACS are now just as vulnerable as ANY other OS – along with the browser you use, etc.  So you need to start looking around for a PLETHORA of Software to keep your computer clean and also to keep it working as it should – do NOT get lulled into a false sense of security!  Unfortunately, finding GREAT SW that’s FREE like you can with Windows – is just not as easy – so break out your pocket book or your credit care lest you get HACKED or infected with some really bad stuff!  Mac’s, thanks to Steve Jobs are not a HUGE TARGET – and it’s not IF somebody will find a whole – it’s only when – so will you be the next person that gets hit with something that wipes out your DATA?

Of course, I don’t care what OS you’re using you should be backing up and have a few drives that are NOT connected to your internal network all the time so that you can store that DATA so that it can not be access unless somebody is PHYSICALLY in your location.  I back up to internal drives a lot – but they are still vulnerable – and I also back up to external drives and have a FEW Drives in my Safety Deposit Box wrapped in vacuum packed and static free packaging- that’s my SUPER IMPORTANT STUFF – business files, my book(s) and of course my MASTERS and other stuff that I “CREATE” that I do not want to do that work over again.

If you just using CS-4 or CS-5 and not using any part of that software the creates HUGE FILES – then you could be just backing up to a CD – larger groups of files on a DVD – but that’s all you need -but if your doing audio and video – you’re going to need a TON of space – and that’s where I recommend GLYPH DRIVES – they can be daisy chained too – but again if you just using Phtoshop and Illustrator, InDesign etc – these files are dinky…compared to AV.  So you could just use IEEE 449 – but I prefer the next generation of IEEE 880 so I can work in REAL TIME from a GLYPH with PRO TOOLS – no more swapping out drives to work in Recording – just label, partition and get after it – but don’t get into a habit of NOT naming your files correctly OR taking notes as to what you’ve done – if you do both – when you return to that CD or VIDEO PROJECT you can all up the files easily and have NOTES as to what was tracked and when – (three takes, two takes, etc.) and this makes your life much easier – but I also am finding out that with Phtoshop, AI, and graphics apps I do a TON of “mock ups” so I devised a nice little protocol so that I can call up those files quickly – and I also make sure to go ahead and RENAME Or delete all UNTITLED PSD or AI files!   But I guess I’ve digressed…

Just remember NO OS is safe, all drives are going to fail – (there’s those that haven’t’ and those that WILL) Back up, run a HW and SW firewall besides your NAT – keep your machine clean of dust (especially the power fan and CPU fan), get organized – store your most important files OFF LINE and better still either use a FIREPROOF SAFE or a Safety Deposit box that is assuming you have CRUCIAL DATA from YEARS of working that you cannot lose –

And again, just because your a MAC – does NOT mean your safe – better batten down the hatches as your going to see more and more attacks on MAC’s in the future!

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