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Music Row Online

Originally Published via Blogger 8/13/2010



Not sure if this would have validity today or not – but…it was a great idea at the time.

Back in 1995-96 we were starting an internet based company called Music Row Online.

I would allow you to post a bio, pictures and three of your songs. And all of this could be done by using pre-canned templates by the customers/clients. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s now My Space for musicians. However, we were focused more on a PORTAL concept that had an extra service tacked on – “The Velvet Rope” – we were a group of music professionals from label execs, A&R, etc – and we were going to PICK the songs, bands, artists, songwriters, etc that we thought had MERIT and put them in an organized type of “community” so that former number one writers could be in the PRO CONDOS or TOWERS, while the not so well known (maybe a charted hit) could be on the middle floors and those that were signed to pub deals would be in the towers but on the bottom floors – unsigned would be in the smaller building next door and up and coming artists could be featured on the BIG STAGE while those that we though did NOT have much merit would be housed in the housed, duplexes, condos and/or even the double wides. But the people who submitted their music wouldn’t know where they were assigned only the labels or manager would have access via pass word protected entry into the Velvet Rope Area – sound familiar? – I think the basic concept is now called TAXI. Oh well, it just goes to show you that if you don’t ACT FAST on the internet – somebody out there will beat you to the PUNCH and remember this was in the mid-90’s and the music business was BOOMING – but bandwidth was horrible and not nearly as many people even owned a computer much less surfed the internet as the WWW was beginning to grow at an incredible pace.

With that said, I just though I’d share that bit of history – as you just never know – Music Row could possibly need a service like that – but I highly doubt it – Music Row is now a ghost town!   </stop>

But then again, maybe it could be the salvation…move toward the digital age as Music Row still has a powerful address! (4/21/2011)

All the best…as always,

Steve Moore
Music Square One


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