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Steve Moore, B.A., J.D. Author Steve has been in the music business for over 30 years! He's worked as a professional musician, producer, and has been involved in almost every aspect of the music business. He's also the author of "The Truth about the Music Business"

New Services

We are just sorting out what all we WANT to provide as far as SERVICES based upon the demand.  Steve Moore gets a LOT of calls all the time asking about music related issues, and for the most part he’s been willing to help out many bands with their questions or concerns – but that’s about to change!

Mr. Moore has big plans for the future – and just as soon as possible, there will be even MORE services that Music Square One AND Mr. Moore will be able to offer…via his joint ventures and other partners – but since MSO had taken a back seat with all of the work Mr. Moore has been doing – it’s time for us to STEP up our GAME and be able to work closely with bands and artists that are either in development OR have already reached a certain level of success but need to take the next steps to FULLY LAUNCH their careers to the next LEVEL!

But that’s in TIME – Music Square One as stated in other posts has decided to focus on High Cotton Records for a short while and get all of his music and the labels music up on every digital service possible.  After that is done, then High Cotton will decide who and when or IF they want to work with a new band, artist of songwriter.  The problem is that most artists, bands, etc that are just getting started really do not need much from Music Square One or even High Cotton Records – as HCR is NOT a major record label and does NOT want to sign bands exclusively!   But we do want to help them on their way so that they can decide if a major label is what they REALLY want or do they just need some help to move their careers along!

With so many companies and so many choices, we’re going to engage with as many as possible so that we can determine which ones are the BEST to use for things like digital distribution, marketing, promotions, etc – so we’ll see in time – but eventually Mr. Moore is going BACK to another field and that’s when the whole playing field will CHANGE!