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Steve Moore, B.A., J.D. Author Steve has been in the music business for over 30 years! He's worked as a professional musician, producer, and has been involved in almost every aspect of the music business. He's also the author of "The Truth about the Music Business"

New South Development


New South Development is just that – a development company.  We work on a wide variety of projects that are “well – under development”   It’s through this company that a well-spring of ideas and projects have come to fruition.

We are currently in development with numerous projects from New Media, Website Development, A/V Production, & Social Media.

We are also working on a couple of books right now – one more reference book and finally working on my novel along with working with a GREAT FICTION WRITER!  More info to come…

Steve Moore, B.A., J.D.

High Cotton Records

Author of “The Truth about the Music Business”
President and CEO at MSO

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