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I don’t usually post other articles or links to them on my site – but I found this a LITTLE too close to home and felt I should share it.

I read an interesting article this morning about PRIVACY RIGHTS the Libel Laws related to the UK – which has very stringent Libel laws – and this dovetails in with what I’ve started to blog about in my FAQ section…PRIVACY RIGHTS and YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY on the internet!

I plan to explore more about PRIVACY RIGHTS and LIBEL laws both here in the US as well as Internationally and I can see this as a growing issue with the use of  Social Networking as ONE STATEMENT can ruin a person – both in their home country and around the world!  Especially if that person works internationally which I do!

In fact, I was the Subject of a LIBELOUS STATEMENT via a comment on YouTube – such that I had to “BLOCK” that person from further comments, and what’s funny is that person was just trying to be CUTE by writing most of the post in Latin but for a couple of ENGLISH WORDS that are just NOT TRUE and are definitely libelous in nature.

One must be careful about what one puts into writing – especially on Social Networks as it’s there for the WORLD to see depending on your PRIVACY SETTINGS – but rest assured – if someone truly wanted to launch an assault on a person – and post horrible things about them that are NOT TRUE – then the Lawyers are going to have a field day – as LIBELOUS Statements that are made for WHATEVER REASON but that can cause actual harm to one’s reputation are called “INTENTIONAL TORTS” which means that should you sue that persona and WIN – they cannot discharge any judgement in Bankruptcy – in short, the WINNER of the case, could end up owning EVERYTHING that the person who make the Libelous statement owns! They will LOSE EVERYTHING as all of their real and personal property could be at jeopardy!

I can see this as a growing field in Internet Law and look forward to getting back in to it in the future!

Here’s the ARTICLE:


Pretty scary stuff!

Steve Moore, B.A. J.D. Author


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