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Privacy Rights and Social Networking

Privacy is DEAD!

It’s Bad Enough the Facebook Launched Facial Recognition Software – no telling WHY?  But I’m sure an investment like that is bound to have a back-end story and there must be something PROFITABLE about this move – if you haven’t opted out you should! 


*If you are located overseas and/or outside the US – you may not be able to read the link – just Google how to OPT out and you should find your answer!

Also Facebook’s Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) are pretty over-reaching – anything you post is theirs!  All photos, content, etc – so be careful…

Everything we do now is being tracked – I know as I’m doing a lot of my own tracking – so no telling how many large multinational corporations are steadily gathering more info about every person who’s logging in and putting anything up on the internet – and you can bet that when you send an e-mail to multiple recipients – somebody on that list will have somebody OVER THEM capturing that list to be added to a Database some where!

In short, what you post is somewhat like a DIGITAL TATOO….

And it’s not so easily removed…although I’m paying close attention to the new start ups that you can hire to “allegedly” remove your digital profile and how thorough they can be. 

I had posted a lot of content on a few servers a very long time ago – such as Geocities – which has long since been dead – however, doing a search a few months back – I found ALL of the basic sites that I had put up there – and for the most part these were just little sites where my friends and I could log in and view photos and other content about times gone by – or functions we were planning etc.   And this was before broadband – so having a bunch of photos that you didn’t have to e-mail out a one or two at time was convenient.  But long after my Geo-cities accounts were deleted – they showed up where somebody had backed it all up and put it out for all to see – I had to write them and threaten copyright infringement – and they eventually took down that information – but I’m sure that they have back-ups that were NOT DELETED!

And now with all this new technology – a lot of companies are going to put this to use!  So that they can market to you – and also know as much as they can about you to limit your rights – or LIMIT what you can and can’t do without an extra COST or other emolument being involved. – it’s coming I can assure YOU!

Check out this link:


My Advice – I don’t have any – but I will offer for your consideration – don’t post anything to any Social Network that you don’t want to be seen by ANYONE and EVERYONE – as with a few mouse clicks a screen shot can be saved or your information can be passed along by innocent friends that do not intend to “Share” your information with the WRONG PEOPLE – but it’s going to happen!

Just be CAREFUL!

Of course, if you’re running a business – you WANT as much information about your company out there as you can get – but you still need to mindful of bad reviews, or bad statements – but that’s the nature of business – you’re going to have people say bad things – but that also a PLUS as now you’ve got an opportunity to deal with that information or customer.  As you can now Contact them and set things right!

Just some food for thought!

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