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Radio Wars II

Originally published on Blogger or Blogspot 8/18/2010



Radio Wars (v 2.0 beta)

So if you’ve read the last blog, I’ll pick up where I left off…

We now understand that you can’t just get your songs on the radio EVEN if you’re a local artist UNLESS you have an independent promoter! And of course, your local radio station should also understand that they are REQUIRED by the FCC to play a certain amount of LOCAL COLOR – as stated before the airwaves are owned by the PEOPLE and BIG RADIO should NOT be able to block a certain amount of LOCAL CONTENT.

As a bit of digression, in Switzerland the local airwaves are controlled by the government as well but in their case they MUST play 50% of Swiss made music – so if you live in Switzerland and can make a record you at least have a 50/50 shot for NATIONAL airplay and based upon the LOCATION of Switzerland, you’re bound be heard in Italy, France, or Germany. And of course, the Swiss are MUCH more liberal about what they spin on radio even it it’s from the US – so keep that in mind, you’ve got a better chance of getting on Radio in EUROPE that you’ll ever have in the US!

With that said, we’ll get back to WHY you can’t get your music played on local radio…that is of course, unless you can find a DJ that’s willing to put you into a minimum type of rotation – but don’t expect to get spins during the best times of the day – you’ll be lucky if you can get spun up at all if only late at night…

However, don’t forget to actually READ the statutes on the FCC – or just GOOGLE it! You can find out that your local radio is SUPPOSED TO SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!

But how are you supposed to compete with a computer that picks what the radio stations play? Especially when the local Program Director actually listens to these people that PICTH these services to your local radio station – after all it’s the PD’s job to create market share!

If you live in the South as I do – you’re going to get a mix of urban, country, etc. and IF you’re lucky enough to live in a major city then MORE CHOICES – but if you’re not then your pickings are slim – so you’ll have to make a concerted effort to get your music on the air – find the right station or stations that your music MAY fit and push hard to get them to play it! But also never forget that the life of single is short UNLESS it’s HIT– so even IF you get some spins, unless people keep requesting it – then you’re NOT going to stay around for long. Trust me on this – I made a compilation CD for the musicians in my home town just to promote LOCAL MUSIC and the MUSICIAN – but the Radio station wanted me to PAY to advertise the CD even though I offered to spin local music for ½ an hour every week for just 3 months to push the record – but then they wanted me to get SPONSORS for that show – at $1500 a pop for the week and then said I had to come up with that amount of money and do it for an entire year! Once they knew I could come up with 1500 a week from various local businessmen I knew that would actually support home grown music – they had to turn it up a notch and make me a slave to their PROFITS and THEIR GREED – and never ONCE did the OFFER ME ANYTHING in return – the missed the point – it was all about the LOCAL MUSIC – Just give it a chance – and see what happens – but they shot it down all for the love of MONEY!

And that my friends is how the local radio game is PLAYED! Wrongly I may add – as again, these stations are MANDATED by FEDERAL LAW to play local music lest they lose their license but there’s nobody to complain to that will even LISTEN – as unless you’ve got an army of attorneys, lobbyists and a TON OF MONEY – you can’t play the game!

But remember – there’s always the INTERNET and cloud technology! And take solace in that fact that the INTERNET is KILLING your local radio stations’ market share – they may not notice it now – as we’re all in a recession – but they’ll wake up eventually to find that the YOUNGER audience has long since moved on to greener pasture and do NOT listen to local radio much if at all!

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