Music Square One’s Services

Music Square One offer a broad spectrum of services such as music publishing (Film, TV, and Sync Licensing), business consulting, educational services, guest lecturing, and more.  And we NOW are offering Guitar, Bass, singing lessons and other “teaching services” including “Recording Lessons 101” 

MSO is a full service music company that also provides a vast network of people that we work with from the music business people! We have a network of professionals from attorneys, accountants, agents, managers, or just about any product or service provider you may need for your music endeavors. Our third party clients/customers all have their own websites and can be contacted directly after we make an introduction, but in order to protect their  privacy, we prefer you contact us directly!

MSO has changed its entire focus on NEW MEDIA! We offer a whole suite of services starting with Logo and Brand Identity, Website Design (through our joint venture company), including SEO, SMO, SEP and  Optimization, Analytics to track your customers, Social Networking to tie in to EVERYTHING You do from ONE interface and with ONE CLICK you can spread your information across the internet!  Let’s face it – a band or artist needs to start out with a WEBSITE and then tie in all of their social networks and get an entire plan on how to MARKET their music across the internet and that’s what we can do for you.  Even if you have a website, we can tell you what steps you need to take to make it more EFFECTIVE!

Our TEAM of “third party providers”  can assist you with almost ANY need and we assist you to work with them so that you can get the exact services you need and just when you need them.  You don’ t need a major record label any more – in fact, we recommend that you put your music out on your own!  However, there are just some things that an artist or a band do not have the time or perhaps the years of experience that we bring to the table!  Whatever your needs – we can help with every thing a major record label can do for you but you do NOT have to sign with us for a really bad 360 deal where the label takes the entire pie and leaves their artists with just the crumbs!  We offer our services as you need them or will tell you IF you need them as in many cases it’s not the right time for a manager, but perhaps you need a business manager, or you need help with distribution, a business plan, marketing services, promotional services or PR services and our TEAM of people that we have been working with for YEARS are highly professional and bring their years of experience having worked with or even at Major Labels, we know what you need – but don’t want to OWN YOU like a major record label would – we just want to help you as much as we CAN!

For even more information about our services visit our main page or please use our contact page…and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Steve Moore, B.A., J.D.

Author of “The Truth about the Music Business”
President and CEO at Music Square One

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