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Steve Moore, B.A., J.D. Author Steve has been in the music business for over 30 years! He's worked as a professional musician, producer, and has been involved in almost every aspect of the music business. He's also the author of "The Truth about the Music Business"

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Everybody knows that the Internet has changed the music business FOREVER! And I played a small role in that – as my company Online Multi-Media (With Mike Lawson) were the the first company to offer true FAN BASED Interactions via hosted online chats with the likes of Thomas Dolby, Lou Reed, and more – AND we did the first LEGAL DOWNLOAD with Aerosmith!   Somebody else would have done it eventually – but we go there FIRST and this was BEFORE the Word Wide Web even existed!   And we had to go with CompuServe and that was before AOL swallowed them up and then tied in with Time/Warner.  But that’s ancient history.

The Fact is – the internet has been a game changer for ALL traditional media – but MUSIC has been hurt the most –  but even though the proliferation of P2P sharing and the proliferation of home studios where you can make your own CD/Records – the ability to release your own music has never been easier – but this along with increase in game sales, etc has caused an enormous drop in the “VALUE” of music – BUT it has also leveled the playing field and is putting the Major Record Labels OUT OF BUSINESS! There’s only a few left – and nobody wants to sign away their entire life for a 360 deal…well many are willing to sell their SOUL for a 360 deal – but if that first single doesn’t chart – you’re still tied to your deal but the rest of your music owned by the majors will most likely NEVER see the light of day – much less get heard EVER – even via the internet!  It’s in a vault and your career is put on HOLD until you can get out of your contact!

I love how Prince did a “BRILLIANT MOVE” – his label deal barred him from recording or even performing under the name “PRINCE” so in a brilliant business and LEGAL move – he adopted a “symbol” instead of a name – did I say BRILLIANT?  And he had the money to fight those battles and the smarts to do it such as way as there was NO PRECEDENT for the Label to use – again, BRILLIANT!  He self released his first Record and made more money from only selling 1/10 of what he would with Major Label Backing – but he’s PRINCE – and people bought his CD’s and RADIO had to pick it up – so instead of the label getting 80% of better of that income – he made it all – so what if he didn’t sell 10 million copies he MADE $10,000,000 easily!

So that brings us back full circle to the POWER of the internet – but where do you START?  Well first make sure you’ve got your ACT together – don’t put yourself out there until YOU ARE READY – sure you can release your stuff – but if you put it out TOO SOON – you’ll hurt your career more than helping it – but if you can get in a band – get super tight, write some GREAT SONGS – and be able to tour – and I mean REALLY TOUR – not play a few gigs here and there- and GET YOUR MUSIC OUT there – if the music is good – you could explode overnight- but keep in mind there’s no such thing as a true overnight sensation – OK – you can look at the SONG “FRIDAY” (by who cares – a 15 year old that put a little video together – but where is she now?  How long will that 15 minutes of fame last- anybody heard her second single? Anyone watch any of her new videos? I doubt she’ll have a lasting career so she better have a back up plan – but at least she can pay for college from her R0yalties!)

So now you’ve got your band in place – you’re ready to take on the WORLD and DOMINATE IT!   How do you START?

Well you first need a WEBSITE – the TRUE HUB for everything you’re going to do – and how to LINK to ALL of your social networks, and ALL of the music services you are going to use to get your music OUT THERE – and trust me – if the MUSIC IS TRULY GREAT – THE BAND CAN “BRING IT LIVE” – you’ve got a real shot of blowing up and FAST!  But you have to be prepared for that next single – that next record and the fast paced environment you’ve thrown your self in to – so get ready to get to work –

Should I go with one of these new “build your own website services”?  Sure – knock yourself out – you’ll be lumped in with everybody else that’s going cheap and NOT focusing on SEO or a HOST of back end things that a website can do for you!   If you’d like MORE INFORMATION – you should check out:

ButterMilk Media

This company is owned by our PARENT COMPANY:


Which was set up as a compliment to Music Square One!

With that said a company like this is designed to tie in your TOTAL ONLINE PRESENCE – and along with Music Square One – we can help you with your social media managment and which music services you want to work with!

In fact, you can view our REVIEWS of many of the MUSIC SERVICES out there and we’re working as fast as we can to add REVIEWS of even more services! But with these music services – you don’t sign away your life!  You can release your own singles, CD’s, EP’s, you name it!  You can get booked – have your own merchandise store and so much more!   You can even set up your iPad or iPhone to take credit cards for cover charge or even sell point of purchase (POP)!

Here’s our LINK to some of our REVIEWS *(again still a work in progress and will stay that way as EVERYTHING changes weekly if not DAILY!


But even though you’ve got your WEB SITE up and tied in with all social nets – how can you manage it all – that’s where MUSIC SQUARE ONE comes in – we’ve got a network of VERY EXPERIENCED companies and people that we work with that can assist you on your WAY!   And our founder – has pretty much been exactly where you are today – as he’s worked in EVERY FACET of the music business:  he’s an artist, songwriter, musician, producer, and even the Author of “The Truth about the Music Business” –

So it boils down to what can you do by yourself and WHEN do you need help and in WHAT AREAS?   If you can hook up with the right team and/or mix of people that KNOW what they are doing and can that for a reasonable price – that allows you more time to focus on your MUSIC!  But don’t SKIMP – as you’re only going to GET what you pay for and IF you pick the right company – they will be flexible like MUSIC SQUARE ONE – and allow you to pick from our host of services a la carte – and we’re not going to even suggest spending money – where you don’t need to – as our GOAL is to allow you TO GROW – and REINVEST in your BAND or ACT – but working with a SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER is going to all0w you to get the years or experience that a TRUE SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT can bring to the table and why not go with a company that STARTED the entire MUSIC SOCIAL MEDIA experience!

We’d love to hear from you – so please use our CONTACT PAGE and give us a shout!   As we are hear to help with every single facet of your career whether you’re just starting out – or if you’ve already been doing this for a very long time but need to increase your ONLINE PRESENCE to attract a new audience and to sell your NEW MATERIAL as opposed to being stuck with PLAYING your hit(s) over and over!

The internet is the MOST POWERFUL TOOL EVER!

Don’t you need a SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER – to at least guide you in the right direction and to make sure that you and your  band or Act is cashing in on a…


Steve Moore – Music Square One

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Steve Moore & The New South

“The Truth about the Music Business”


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