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Irene Bauza – Artist, Songwriter and Music Business Promoter

Music Square One IreneB (Buaza) – Barcelona Spain I wanted to write about my new friend that I met via her posts and videos where she’s writing about Life as an INDIE ARTIST!  Irene wears many hats and her partner Frankie does all of the production for her! She’s got some great information on her […]

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Reverb Nation just gets worse!

Music Square One Giving you the Truth about the Music Business If you think that Reverb Nation is doing you any good – think again! I have been using Reverb Nation for many years now and used to think  that it was good deal but not anymore!  That’s not to say that they don’t have […]

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Who Owns the Airwaves?

Originally published somewhere back in 2007 or 2008 – can’t really remember – but I’m sure it was for a major magazine. Blog was published again on 9/28/2010 http://musicsquareone.blogspot.com/2010/09/who-owns-airwaves-for-radio-older-blog.html —- Ever wonder why all you hear the same stuff over and over on terrestrial radio? It’s always the same old thing and if you like […]

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Steve Moore Article at FNO Magazine

Article originally published with FNO Magazine (2008) Original Blog Post 9/28/2010 http://musicsquareone.blogspot.com/2010/09/steve-moore-article-for-fno-magazine.html —————— THE MAJOR LABELS HAVE A CANCER AND THE PROGNOSIS IS NOT GOOD… by Steve Moore The problem is systemic and there is no known cure – as of now. The day of the Indy label or independent artist is upon us and […]

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Internet Radio and Cloud Computing

Originally Published 8/24/2010 http://musicsquareone.blogspot.com/2010/08/internet-radio-and-cloud-computing.html ———————— It’s certainly not the death of radio but it’s putting a serious dent in the market share, but what’s worse is that is putting a HUGE dent in the labels, publishers and more importantly the songwriters and artist’s pocketbooks. With more and more “free radio” that’s ad driven for the […]

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Radio Wars

Originally Published 8/14/2010 via Blogger http://musicsquareone.blogspot.com/2010/08/radio-wars.html ———— For decades “local radio” had a stronghold on what you heard over the local FM or even AM dial. At one point, one could get their songs on a 500KW station and literally break a band wide open as in the case of “Double Shot of my Baby’s […]

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To Blog or Blog-Post?

With all of the new ways to get your message across – which platform should you consider?  And how does one find the time?  I’ve been blogging intermittently on this “other blogger” site for quite some time now – I’d have to go back and actually look to see when I wrote my first blog […]

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