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Foreign Radio and Streaming Royalties?

I’ve always been truly amazed at the amount of American Musicians that just do NOT get the international markets! Making Money in the Music Industry is not so EASY!  And if you are limiting your efforts to just the US or just in your Area even if that is the EEC, Russia, etc you’re missing […]

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I’m getting a LOT of issues with my FB personal and more specifically ALL of my ADMINS for Fan Pages on Facebook which there’s over 15 or more of them – I guess some companies don’t take too kindly to my posts…but I only speak the TRUTH! It seems that I will go from ONE […]

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Social Media Management

Everybody knows that the Internet has changed the music business FOREVER! And I played a small role in that – as my company Online Multi-Media (With Mike Lawson) were the the first company to offer true FAN BASED Interactions via hosted online chats with the likes of Thomas Dolby, Lou Reed, and more – AND […]

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Recording Live – If I was in a band…

I’m sure there are 100’s of different ways of doing this – and EVERYBODY”S opinion on the BEST way to do this is completely different – but if you want an INEXPENSIVE way to CREATE a LOT of CD’s for Sale, for download, or for whatever reason – they this blog may be of interest […]

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Mac’s get ATTACKED!

There’s always been a battle between PC and Mac’s – I don’t even need to go into Linux as unless you’re a pretty hard core computer enthusiast you probably don’t see much Linux – although your website could be hosted on a Linux Server – if it’s not then you’re probably using an antiquated way […]

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“Cowboy Jack” Clement’s Studio Burns

A good friend of mine that used to work with Jack sent me this yesterday morning…and I’m just getting around to be able to POST about it – but it’s SAD! I met “Cowboy Jack” when I first moved to Nashville and consider myself lucky to have met and gotten to know this LEGEND of […]

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Reverb Nation gets a C Minus at best!

Well – I’ll have to admit that this post may be just a TAD biased as I’ve had a rather BAD EXPERIENCE with REVERB NATION as of late – but I still see that they have a place in my TOOL BOX for getting my music out!  But beware they keep trying to “Sucker You […]

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CD Baby Gets An A+

CD BABY is probably one of the BETTER SERVICES GOING for artists, bands, duo acts, etc. I’ll first give my readers a little background anecdotal story.  I was speaking at a Music Conference in Louisville, KY back in 2005 or so shortly after my book was released.   I was actually asked by Stephen McCord of […]

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Band Camp Ranks High!

Signing up with Band Camp is pretty much a NO BRAINER!  Why? First it’s FREE to join – ZERO start up costs! You can upload singles or albums or both CD sales outrank single download 16 to 1 – (that’s STRONG!) You can set your own price or let your fans set their price for […]

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THE BEST MUSIC SERVICES (UPDATE) I’ve had SEVERAL REQUESTS to FINISH this SERIES – but have JUST not had the time!  I do have a host of documentation – word files, spread sheets and a LOT of LINKS to share – but it’s still a LOT of RESEARCH and just as soon as I “THINK” […]

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