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“MOORE” Content on the way!

That’s right Moo! We ARE MOO-VING forward! Music Square One is proud to announce that we have completed a “few strategic partnership deals”!   We are NOW in a position to offer “web design services” and so much MOORE!  We are also working with our “Joint Venture Partner” – ButterMilk Media on a host of new […]

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For my Dad – William Ray Moore, JR. M.D.

Steve Moore for My Dad! I’ve tried – but only Bob Dylan could put it in to words… When the rain is blowin’ in your face And the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love. When the evening shadows and the stars appear […]

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Bob Welch (Singer – Songwriter) by Steve Moore

Bob Welch By: Music Square One & Steve Moore I first met Bob via Mike Lawson – who was my partner in many endeavors – Bob made the move to Nashville in the 90’s and he bought a place not to far from my home/studio.   Bob and Wendy spent a lot of time hanging out […]

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Music and Books!

Music Square One Music Publishing vs. Book Publishing It’s been ten years since the record labels wiped Napster off the face of the earth.  Unfortunately for them, hundreds of millions of songs still get shared every month and the music industry is no better off than when the digital revolution started.  So they are Still […]

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Irene Bauza – Artist, Songwriter and Music Business Promoter

Music Square One IreneB (Buaza) – Barcelona Spain I wanted to write about my new friend that I met via her posts and videos where she’s writing about Life as an INDIE ARTIST!  Irene wears many hats and her partner Frankie does all of the production for her! She’s got some great information on her […]

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Reverb Nation just gets worse!

Music Square One Giving you the Truth about the Music Business If you think that Reverb Nation is doing you any good – think again! I have been using Reverb Nation for many years now and used to think  that it was good deal but not anymore!  That’s not to say that they don’t have […]

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Larry Ainsworth Testimonial

This was just a RANDOM message that I got from FaceBook – it’s always nice to hear people say something POSITIVE about one’s self… Hi Steve: I don’t really know you personally, but I see your posts all the time and feel I have gotten to know you. Your work ethic is an inspiration to […]

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Foreign Royalties – Do you really know what’s up?

Ever wonder if you’re getting paid for your FOREIGN ROYALTIES?  Are you sure that your FOREIGN SUB-PUBLISHING RIGHTS are not being passed from one sub-publisher in one country to another subdivision in another country and each taking their 25% share… Many songrwiters or copyright owners will look at their Foreign Royalties as just a bonus […]

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Google gets in on the Local AD market!

I just had to give a shout out to a Brilliant Man and I relied heavily upon his information during my speech at the International Pawn Symposium as this was a meeting of some of the BEST MINDS in the business and whom spend a good deal of money on Radio and TV ADS – […]

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Top Spin Media – A Strong Contender

Music Square One Top Spin is probably the most comprehensive Music Service out there now – but is it right for you?  Some of their Features: Topspin Media Players – where you can stream high-quality audio and video that can be played or shared anywhere! Connect with your Fans via E-mail and other social networks […]

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