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Foreign Radio and Streaming Royalties?

I’ve always been truly amazed at the amount of American Musicians that just do NOT get the international markets! Making Money in the Music Industry is not so EASY!  And if you are limiting your efforts to just the US or just in your Area even if that is the EEC, Russia, etc you’re missing […]

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Social Media Management

Everybody knows that the Internet has changed the music business FOREVER! And I played a small role in that – as my company Online Multi-Media (With Mike Lawson) were the the first company to offer true FAN BASED Interactions via hosted online chats with the likes of Thomas Dolby, Lou Reed, and more – AND […]

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Dead Celebrities

This blog falls in line with Publicity Rights and what happens to your publicity rights after you’re gone… Publicity Rights are not federal – they are state laws.  So it’s taken a while for many states to be brought into the fold in regards to the protection of publicity rights, especially after one passes on.   […]

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How to get Paid for YouTube Spins, etc

I’m often asked – “how do some artists or content creators get paid for YouTube plays and some don’t?” In fact, there are cases of artist/creators that have had millions of hits but NOT made a dime.  I’ve blogged about this about 5 times as it changes a every few months after each blog but […]

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W. Boudville (AU) on Steve Moore

AMAZON BOOK REVIEW: eye opener for musicians, August 6, 2005 This review is from: The Truth About the Music Business: A Grassroots Business and Legal Guide (Paperback) If you are an aspiring musician and have been offered a contract with a label, consider reading this book first. Moore offers in plain language a sober analysis […]

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The Truth About the Music Business

One could say that “The Truth about the Music Business” is not really a “partner of Music Square One”.  However, Music Square One is about to release the first edition via E-Book as well as through online stores in Print. Steve Moore is also a published writer with many music magazines from Gibson Guitar Magazine, […]

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Internet Radio and Cloud Computing

Originally Published 8/24/2010 http://musicsquareone.blogspot.com/2010/08/internet-radio-and-cloud-computing.html ———————— It’s certainly not the death of radio but it’s putting a serious dent in the market share, but what’s worse is that is putting a HUGE dent in the labels, publishers and more importantly the songwriters and artist’s pocketbooks. With more and more “free radio” that’s ad driven for the […]

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To Blog or Blog-Post?

With all of the new ways to get your message across – which platform should you consider?  And how does one find the time?  I’ve been blogging intermittently on this “other blogger” site for quite some time now – I’d have to go back and actually look to see when I wrote my first blog […]

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What’s New!

Music Square One has changed it’s entire focus! As we once just offered services to a limited number of clients we are now open to anyone and everyone if they are in need of our services. With over 30 year of legal, business and more specifically music and media experience, we are prepared to work […]

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